Our Outreach

Liberty Gospel Tracts
Would you like to be involved in getting the gospel around the world? One way is to become involved in the printing ministry. You can help in the preparation of gospel tracts and Bible courses, package them for shipment, and pray that God will use them in lives around the world!

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Spanish Ministry
Here is an opportunity to help reach the Spanish-speaking community around Greenville. Even if you don't speak Spanish and can't participate in the services, those holding the services would certainly be grateful for your prayers.

Service Times


More Opportunities to Reach Others

  • Singing the old hymns and sharing Bible verses from the float in local parades is an exciting way to share the truth with a large audience in a short amount of time.
  • Park ministry gives you the opportunity to share the gospel message with people who are passing by on foot and in vehicles. The Scripture signs challenge passersby to think about the Lord, and the songs and preaching urge them to turn to Christ.
  • Nursing home ministry provides the blessing of reaching out to those who can't get out; the services usually include preaching, singing, and special music.
  • You could bless missionaries to Haiti, Brazil, Honduras, Greenland, Sicily, Cameroon, and Papua New Guinea by your giving, your encouragement, and your prayers!