Liberty Baptist Church Public Ministry Guidelines

The Bible

I. We use only the King James Version.
2 We do not criticize its translation of words in our preaching/teaching.
3. We strive to read through it at least once a year.


We spend time alone with God in prayer each day

Church Attendance

We ariend every regular service of the Church, unless hindered by sickness or work (*),
(*) – Every leader should remember that he/she is an example to others. God should be put before money, so Sunday should be set apart for the Lord, not for income.


We have been personally born-again, and go out witnessing faithfully (men and young men) with the Church, and witness in our daily lives.


1. We sing and listen to Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.
2. We do not sing any Gospel Rock or Country/Western Gospel or Contemporary Christian music in our services,
3. We do not hold separate microphones, but keep them in their proper holders.
4. We do not use taped background music, but use the musicians which God has given the Church here.


1. Women (when teaching children, singing, playing an instrument, etc.)

a. Dresses or skirts long enough to drape down over the knee (at least the thickness of the leg) when seated.
b. No slits in skirts/dresses.
c. No low cut blouses or dresses.
d. Ease in garments (at least 7 inches case in both blouses and skirts or dresses).
e. No wearing of pierced jewelry while serving in front of others.
f. Long hair (no short hair cuts like men have) no part of the head shaved, spiked, or curled unnaturally high in relation to the natural shape of the head, not gelled to the point of looking wet, not frosted in colors other than is natural to the person.

Note: If your appearance does not meet these standards, you may be asked to step down from your scheduled ministry that day.

2. Men (when ushering, teaching, singing, etc.)

a. Decent clothes & tie (a suit is nice to wear if you have one, but not required.)
b. Short hair which is off the ears and collar, but no part of the head shaved, spiked, or cut into unnatural shapes or lines (that give the head a different shape than is natural; i.e., a flat- top haircut gives the head an unnatural shape, and is not acceptable), or gelled to the point of looking wet, or frosted hair in a color other than is natural to that person.
c. No necklaces or other feminine jewelry & no pierced jewelry (any tattoos gotten before a person was saved should be covered by a long sleeve shirt when in front of the congregation.)

Social Life

1. We do not attend bars, movie theaters, etc.
2. We do not watch/rent suggestive/immoral TV or videos.
3. We do not use tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs.
4. We do not use filthy or suggestive speech.

We live by these standards not to please men, but to please Almighty God, who sent His Son to redeem us as a peculiar people zealous of good works. And also that we might be without reproach in a sinful and wicked day, among whom it is our prayer that we might shine as lights in the world.